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What Cake Looks Like Around the World


Bolo Rei 

Known as ‘king cake’ in English, this Portuguese cake Is usually consumed during the festive season. 



Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte 

Translated as Black Forest Cherry Torte. This cake typically consists of layers of chocolate sponge cake. In between these layers are cherries and whipped cream. 



Welsh Cakes 

Traditionally prepared on a bake stone and similar to a scone. The Welsh cake Is usually served at teatime. It Is sometimes eaten alone or with Jam and cream. 




This Australian Icon is made of sponge cake cut into squares. The pieces are then coated in chocolate sauce and rolled in desiccated coconut. Common variations Include a layer of cream and Jam. 



Victoria Sponge 

Popular during afternoon tea 19th century. The tradition of making sponge cake dates back to 1615. typically this cake is filled with whipped cream and raspberry Jam. 



Layered Meringue Payola 

Named after the iconic Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, this dessert consists of fluffy layered meringue topped with cream and fresh fruit. 



Red Velvet Cake 

First created In the 1800s, when experimentation in baking was popular. Previous versions were nicknamed ‘mahogany cake’ and ‘the devil’s food cake’.



Rum Cake 

Rum cakes are traditionally a holiday dessert In the Caribbean. Dried fruits are soaked In rum over months, and then added to dough. Then caramelized sugar is added to create the result of a ‘black cake’. 



Pan de Batata

This cake Is well known for Its exotic and spicy taste, with hints of cinnamon, cloves and ginger often present. The main component of this recipe is sweet potato. 

Source: Culture Trip

Which Raw Material is Required for a Simple Cake Recipe

This flour can be of any type, depending upon what you are baking. This flour can be replaced by ordinary flour or what we call whole-wheat flour.

We need the cake to be sweet. For that, we can use whole grain sugar or powdered sugar. You can also use sugar-free or jaggery according to your needs.

We need eggs to make the cake soft and r\ spongy. It is not compulsory to use eggs. We can ignore it or skip it if we are vegetarians.

We need butter for making the batter for the cake. If we do not have butter, we can use ghee also.


We need milk for making the cake. We 140 can use milk or milk powder if fresh milk is not available to us.

We can use different types of essences like vanilla or chocolate essence in our cake. The cake tastes and smells good if we add the essences.

Source: US FLOUR

Guide on the Best Flour to Make a Moist Cake

All-Purpose flour
If you are using all-purpose flour take it the proper quantity, as an inappropriate amount of all-purpose flour can make the cake dry and rough.

Cake Flour
The best flour for baking a cake is cake flour. Cake flour is milled from soft wheat. It contains only five to eight percent protein.

Wheat Flour
Wheat flour is very light and is available at a very reasonable cost. We can use this flour to bake dense fruit cakes.

Almond Flour
Wheat flour is very light and is available at a very reasonable cost. We can use this flour to bake dense fruit cakes.

Source: US FLOUR


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