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Five Steps to Creating a Career Development Plan for Yourself

Examine Yourself First! Before setting your career goals, it is important to analyze your interests, skill-set, strengths, and weaknesses. Work on these key areas to make a better version of yourself. It will help you assess your performance and make you ready for any kind of career challenge.


Set Quality Vision! Don’t set too many targets. Instead, aim at one big goal that covers all your small business agendas. It will aid you in achieving quality performance at your workplace. Also, quality vision helps you in solidifying your innovative thoughts and hitting the ground running easily.


Experience Is A Must! If you are a fresher with a long-term goal, then work in a company that will help you reach that mission. To gain impeccable experience, start working as an intern or join an internship program. Explore the opportunities that help you kickstart your career and achieve your objective.


Nurture Your Advanced Skills! Deploy a new skill-set in the company and receive appreciation from your bosses. Focusing on advanced capabilities will help you achieve greater success in your profession. Also, this will aid in stabilizing your position in the company.


Stay Engaged! Whether you are a fresher or a working professional, stay engaged and explore new opportunities that help you grow proficiently. In this way, you can polish your skills and emerge with a unique talent. It will help you with your promotion to.


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SELF EVALUATION • List Out Your Strengths & Weaknesses • List Out Your Ambitions And Goals • Know Your Skills And Work Pattern • Chart Down Your Future Responsibilities, Financial Goals, And Other Priorities


KNOW THE MARKET • Do Research To Understand Current Market Scenarios And Job Demand • Analyse Those Industries And Jobs Which You Wants To Pursue


WHAT WORKS FOR YOU • Map Your Skills And Experience With The Available Options • Find Out The Gaps And How To Fill Them • Chart Down A Plan Where You Are And Where You Want To Be • Write Down Steps Of What You Need To Do In Order To Reach Where You Want To Be


EXECUTE THE PLAN • Start Time Actions As Per Your Plan  


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How to Nail it in a Job Interview

1.) WHAT TYPE OF EMPLOYEE ARE YOU? You are being sussed out to make sure you will be easy to manage. On-time, hardworking, proactive?


2.) DO YOUR RESEARCH – What does the company do? – How many employees? – Headline financials – sales/turnover/revenue, profit


3.) DON’T FORGET THE PAPERWORK Job description, specification, interview information, and your up-to-date CV.


4.) PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE Think about the type of questions you might be asked – Technical/competency-based – Value/belief-based


5.) DRESS FOR SUCCESS Make sure you’re smart, comfortable, and feel super confident.


6.) WIN BOTH INTERVIEWERS OVER If there is more than one interviewer make eye contact with them and pay them both some attention!


7.) DON’T GIVE ONE-WORD ANSWERS Don’t be shy to let them know about everything you’ve achieved.


8.) ASK QUESTIONS The interview process is so much about making sure the company is the right fit for you.


9.) DON’T STRESS ABOUT THE TEST Remember it is just ONE element of the whole recruitment process.


10.) HAVE CONFIDENCE They’ve seen your CV and have chosen you out of countless others to interview. Smile, make eye contact and have a firm handshake.  


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How to Find a Job You Love

DEVELOP YOUR SKILLS Take classes that interest you and align your career goals.


RAISE YOUR HAND Career services and other professionals are great for resources and tips- ask for help!


FIND LATEST JOBS Use job boards like Glassdoor to find the latest open positions online and on your mobile devices.


GET AN INSIDE LOOK Read Glassdoor reviews to find out what employees think about working at the company you’re interested in. 95% of the job seekers say reviews from those on the inside are influential when deciding where to work.


FIND CONNECTIONS Use social media networks to leverage personal connections at the companies.


PREP FOR THE INTERVIEW Use Glassdoor to find out what the interview process is like and what kinds of questions you’ll be asked.


KNOW YOUR WORTH Research salaries provided by the employees to find out if your pay stacks out. 2 in 5 employees don’t believe they’re being paid fairly.  


Source: Glassdoor

Anatomy of an Executive Assistant

SILVER TONGUE Often deemed a miracle worker, a great EA is a go-getter by nature and a conversationalist by necessity.


SUPERSONIC HEARING On top of all industry news. while also serving as their listening ear for the concerns of other colleagues;


EAGLE EYES A trait every EA hones to perfection. these let them recall past events, present the latest updates and predict future developments at a moment’s notice.


BLUETOOTH HEADSET Two hands are better than one -especially when compiling 100-page board packs in 30 minutes or finishing the days’ other impossible tasks.


TITANIUM BACKBONE Conviction and resilience get them going when facing rejections, demanding executives, and tough on-the-fly decisions.


SMARTPHONE AND BATTERY PACK The ultimate tools for the 21st-century EA. need we say more?


POCKETFUL OF POST-ITS When a to-do list looks more like an epic than a haiku. EA: rely on their trusty color-coordinated sticky notes to prioritize tasks.


BULKY BINDER What else could possibly fit all meeting agendas, minutes, and board files?


CUP OF COFFEE The only way to survive four rescheduled meetings and two canceled flights for your boss -all before 10 in the morning.


NIMBLE FEET In a job where plans can change at the speed of a Vibor message. EAS always has to be on their toes – anticipating everything and always making the direst situations work.    


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