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This Is What’s Happening To Your Body After You Drink Coffee


Adenosine is a neurotransmitter that slows you down and makes you feel drowsy when it binds with its receptors. BUT caffeine can mimic adenosine and binds with those receptors. The caffeine then stops your tiredness and sleepiness, making you alert after 15-20 minutes. Thank you caffeine for stealing and breaking adenosine’s partners!



Caffeine stimulates and increases the production of stomach acids which helps digestion. Coffee after dinner makes sense!



Caffeine is a stimulant and makes your body produce more adrenaline. As a result, your pupils dilate slightly and you might feel like you can see better. Someone, invent coffee eye drops!



Caffeine widens blood vessels and makes your heart beat faster. It also raises blood pressure by 10-15% on average. This effect on your heart happens about 15 minutes after you drink coffee. Is this why we like coffee dates? To trick ourselves?



Coffee helps release a hormone that stimulates your bowels. making them work harder and faster. This happens within 4 minutes. Yeah, coffee and poop are good buddies.


Source: Source: I Love Coffee

How to Make Coffee with a Coffee Maker


Fill Reservoir

Add 1 quart, (about 1 liter), water into the reservoir. I like to add exactly what I need for my batch.


Measure Beans

Measure on a scale 54 grams of beans to every 4 US legal cups, (not coffee cups). 4 cups = 1 quart.


Grind Beans

Grind freshly just before you brew. Grind size should be medium, (or drip If it’s marked on your grinder). 


Place Filter

Place the filter In the brewing basket, paper, or permanent filter.

Paper filters give you clear coffee, permanent filters give you a strong cup, much like a French press. 


Warm It Up

Turn on the machine to run a short blind brewing cycle. On cheap machines, this warms up the heating element properly. 

Turn the machine off and refill the reservoir to the 1-quart mark. 


Add Coffee

Dump the coffee grounds in the brewing basket. Try to level the grounds. 


Brew It

Turn on the machine and let the brew cycle finish.

The brewing time is dictated by the grind size.


Serve It

Pour in cups and enjoy hot.


Source: Brewing Guides

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

Grind Coffee Beans

Grind the coffee to medium grind size. Resist the advice to grind it coarse as many other brewing guides recommend.


Put it In the Fridge

You can use room temperature, but I recommend brewing at colder temperatures in order to avoid contamination.


Add Water

Add pure water. Since we don’t boil it, we need great quality water, preferably from a spring. Stir thoroughly, until all the grounds sink to the bottom.


Let It Steep

Steep for a minimum of 12 hours for complete extraction. The longer you steep the stronger the coffee will be, without negative effects.


Strain It

Strain the coffee using a fine mesh.
If you used a cold brew I coffee pod, this step is not needed.



Let the strained coffee decant for another hour or so. This will help the sediments to settle at the bottom of the jar. Transfer in another Jar carefully, ensuring you don’t agitate the brew.


Drink It

Add ice cubes and milk and drink.
You can also freeze the cold brew coffee into ice cubes and add milk over it for a stronger beverage.



Cold-brew is quite tedious to prepare. Unlike hot brew I thought, you can store it in the fridge for a long time. If you made a large batch, store it in the fridge for up to 14 days.



Source: Brewing Guides

How to Switch to Black Coffee


Reduce sugar by 1/2 teaspoon at a time until you don’t notice the difference, then cut again. Take it slow, it will take time.



Remove milk 1 tablespoon at a time. When you don’t notice the difference, remove a little more. This is hard, take your time.


Try different brew methods to find one you enjoy drinking black. Try cold brew, pour-over, and french press.


Freshly ground beans are best. Buy a grinder and grind before every cup for better-tasting black coffee.


Buy freshly roasted beans. Try roasts better suited to drinking coffee black like medium or light roast blends.


Pay attention to the details. Coffee to water ratio. Grind size. A clean Coffee Maker. All these things will impact your brew.

Source: Creators of Coffee

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