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6 Content Marketing Tips for Better Conversion

KNOW YOUR INDUSTRY Use content research tools like BuzzSumo to create better. more engaging content. Users can input certain search criteria. analyze content and find out what is already trending In your area.  


IDENTIFY TARGET AUDIENCE & THEIR NEEDS Before writing anything. you need to know who you are writing for. Using buyer personas is a great way to identify your ideal customers. their needs. problems and challenges. To best way to write copy for your customers is to think about them.  


KEEP CONTENT SHORT, SIMPLE & POWERFUL  When it comes to content marketing. quality always outweighs quantity. Offer something valuable and get the audience to engage while making it easy for them to share your content. Keep content short but with a strong message and call to action.  


USE VISUAL DESIGN & GRAPHICS FOR ADDED IMPACT  Creating attractive visual content for your audience will increase engagement and conversion. Use pictures. photographs and videos of your staff, products, services, and events with a strong call to action.  


CONNECT WITH YOUR AUDIENCE & BUILD RELATIONSHIPS The aim of content marketing is to educate the customer and get them to stay with you and ultimately make a purchase. Don’t treat every customer as one entity. personalize your message and speak to them as individuals.  


PRODUCT REVIEWS & CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS It’s a known fact that positive reviews on a website can dramatically improve conversions. While reviews aren’t always available. the next logical step Is to obtain testimonials from satisfied customers.


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Content Marketing for Small Businesses

Define Your Goals Create content with a strategic goal in mind. Know the who, what, where, when, and why of your overall story and purpose.  


Brainstorm Brainstorm ideas with your colleagues of what type of content works best for your audience and which posts get the most engagement.  


Value Creation Content creation is also about value creation, so the more you stay on top of the culture and brand of your business, the more value you will hold in the eyes of the consumer.  


Target Audience Research your audience and determine what you are trying to convey to them, where they spend their time online, when they are active online and why your content is important to them.  


Plan Content Create an editorial calendar of the days you will post content and the type of content you will create.  


Communication Communicate clearly with your audience. Think before you post and evaluate how your content might impact your audience.


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Content Marketing and the Social Process

Analyze & Observe

1. Analyze current efforts

2. Size up competition

3. Observe social climate

4. Determine gaps


Build Your Online Community

1. Analyze target audience & thought leaders

2. Determine social spaces, where there is an activity

3. Follow, read & engage inappropriate social media outlets 


Develop Your Strategy & Calendar

1. Define goals & action items

2. Select appropriate social media outlets for target & strategy development

3. Create & align the calendar with all efforts

4. Determine tools & method of measurement


Create the Value

1. Slog posts

2. Videos

3. Photo albums

4. Infographics

5. Etc.


Get the Word Out

1. Website/Blog

2. Facebook

3. Twitter

4. Linkedln

5. YouTube

6. Google +

7. Email marketing

8. Etc.


Monitor & Engage

1. Monitor online community

2. Join discussions

3. Respond & engage


Measure & Analyze

1 Review metrics

2 Analyze data

3 Make improvements


Rinse & Repeat

1. Try a new strategy

2. Repeat the process


Source: Mack Web Solutions

8 Important Tips for Content Marketing

Set goals

Set clear monthly or quarterly goals to be achieved

It will help in planning a perfect strategy quickly


Know the audience

Identify your target audience

Will help in creating relevant content


Brand positioning

Develop the brand with a clear vision of what is to be achieved

Will help in framing protocols of every task to be executed


Social media marketing

Make an effective presence on all social media platforms relevant to the services

It will help to create brand awareness

Blog posts

Creating & sharing quality blogs related to your services

It will help in increasing website traffic & lead generation

Evergreen content

Share well-researched & up-to-date content

It will help in increasing website traffic & improving website ranking


Mobile Friendly

Make a responsive & optimized mobile-friendly website

It will help in increasing website traffic & lead generation

E-mail marketing
Send weekly or fortnightly newsletters to your audience

Will help in building brand loyalty & lead generation



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