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The NHL’s biggest and brightest stars head to Turin to represent their respective countries in the Olympics. Canada will defend the gold medal it won in 2002 – its first-ever Olympic men’s hockey title. By contrast, the stars of the women s tournament are relatively obscure, but just as dedicated The Turin Games will be just the third Olympics to Include women s hockey.  


On the Ice


Team 20 players plus three goalies for men; 18 players plus two goalies for women, A team may have no more than six players on the ice during play  


Game Three 20-minute periods. A 10- minute, sudden-death period is added in case of a tie. A shoot-out will decide the winner if neither team scores.  


Tournament Teams are divided into two groups with each team playing every other team in its group The four best teams from each group advance to a playoff elimination round. The team to win all its matches wins the gold.  


Penalties Players who break the rules are penalized by being sent out of the game for 2.5 or 10 minutes, or until a goal is scored by the team with the most players on the rink. Players fighting will be ejected from the game.    


Playing by the rules Offsides are called if the puck is passed across two lines to a teammate or if a player on the attacking team crosses the blue line of the defending team ahead of the puck.  


Icing is called if a player sends the puck from his or her side of the centerline past the other team’s goal line untouched.  


Play resumes with a faceoff in the defensive zone of the team that iced the puck.  


Source: Hockey Community

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