Health Insurance Infographics

Why You Should Have Health Insurance

Changing Lifestyle Hectic work schedules, wrong eating habits, long commuting are creating newer health disorders.  


Rising Medical Cost Medical treatment costs are rising at a much higher rate than the general inflation rate.  


Tax Benefits Saves tax under Section 80D up to INR 75,000 every year covering your family and parents.  


Better Financial Planning Financial plans often get disturbed to meet healthcare expenses which are unavoidable.


Source: RURASH

Why Choose Health Insurance Policies

Nobody wants to get sick, but life is all about uncertainty and unpredictability. That is why it is essential for people to take health insurance policies.


Reasons to choose health insurance:

Health insurance policies help In maintaining your health and treating illness as well as covers accidents.

These policies protect you from unexpected and high medical bills.

It helps to get free preventive care, like vaccines, some check-ups, health screenings, diagnosis, etc.

People can pick healthcare plans as per their individual needs


So, If you are planning to get health insurance, choose experts as they not only recommend the most suitable plan for you and your family but also improve your knowledge about different plans.

Source: Raffles Health Insurance

Understanding the Affordable Care Act

Number of People Eligible for Help with Buying Health Insurance 


HOW many people will be eligible Low- and middle-income for a health insurance premium people will make up more than tax credit? More than 25.7 million

Low and middle-income people will make up more than half of those eligible for premium tax credits.

People with annual incomes between 200 and 400 percent of poverty (between $47,100 and $94,200 for a family of four in 2013) will constitute about 56 percent of those who will be eligible for premium tax credits. 


Help for working families

The majority (88%) of people who will be eligible for S premium tax credits will be working families. 22.7 million people 


Help for all ages

Young adults are the likeliest age group to be eligible for premium tax credits, making up more than 36 percent of all those who will be eligible.


Help for all races and ethnicities

Of those who will be eligible for premium tax credits (percent): 

white, non-Hispanics: 58%

Hispanic: 23%

Black, non-Hispanics: 11%

American Indian, Aleut or Eskimo, Asian or Pacific Islander: 8%

Source: Families USA

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