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5 Essential Marketing Workflows

Marketing can be chaotic. Shifting priorities, ongoing revisions, and countless approvals – not to mention, tracking, measuring, and reporting the results of campaigns. It can be all be overwhelming. A good workflow is a sanity-saver, making teamwork more efficient, eliminating unnecessary errors and stress, and aiding repeat success. Use these 5 essential workflows to cure the marketing madness.   



1. Identify goals and target audiences.

2. Plan editorial calendar

3. Assign content to a team

4. Write content

5. Proofread and pear review

6. Create or choose images

7. Write and schedule social media messages

8. Publish content

9. Distribute content via external sites.

10. Respond to post comments.

11. Repurpose content into other formats.   



1. Plan and set goals 

2. Map design and layout 

3. Write email copy 

4. Create workflow in a marketing automation tool

5. Test and tweak emails 

6. Schedule emails 

7. Analyze results to improve future emails.   



1. source internal content and manage posting calendar. 

2. Monitor feeds and curate external content 

3. Post internal and curated text, images, and video updates. 

4. Monitor responses and engage followers. 

5. Run analytics to inform strategies   



1. Conduct audit or current media coverage 

2. Set goals 

3. Determine audience 

4. ID interested and influential reporters 

5. Define key messaging 

6. Develop Pitch 

7. Follow up with targets 

8. Assess results and set new goals   



1. Decide audience of PPC campaign and goals 

2. Define campaign budget 

3. Determine optimal keywords for target audiences 

4. Write ad copy 

5. Create the ad landing page 

6. Get feedback from team members. 

7. Split test and tweak 

8. Schedule ads 

9. Measure and analyze results


Source: Wrike

Marketing Funnel

Creating marketing materials that allow your customers to learn about your company and product.


Convincing your customer to purchase a product by sharing benefits and creating a sense of urgency with a sale or promotion.


Phase to create a deeper relationship with customers through targeted and personalized messages.


Retaining your customers by sending educational materials and helpful information.


Turning long-time customers into fans who advocate for the brand.

Source: CoSchedule

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