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Anglo-Scottish Folklore
Always short, sometimes stout, sometimes slender, a Brownie is usually dressed in rags or has no clothes at all. Some have distinctive features; Highland Brownies don’t have toes or fingers, and Lowland Brownies don’t have noses.

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Russian/Slavic Folklore
In Slavic mythology, this household spirit has its origin in ancestor worship. A Domovoy protects family values and traditions. He dwells in any number of places in each home: near the oven, under the doorstep, in the hearth. He never goes out beyond the boundaries of the household.

Chinese Folklore
Legend has it that when the world was new and the gods were making the animals, the Baku was put together from the leftover bits and pieces at the end of creation. Baku has the head of an elephant, the eyes of a rhinocerous, the legs of a tiger and the tail of an ox. Baku is thought to scare away evil spirits, bad dreams and sickness.

French Folklore
Usually a cat, but rat, fox, dog or cow types are said to exist too. Matagots are generally evil, but some like the “magician cat” are said to bring wealth into a home if it is well fed. Traditionally, a wealth-bringing Matagot must be lured with fresh, plump chicken, then carried home by its new owner without the human once looking back .

Norwegian/Scandi Folklore
The Nisse is often described as a small, elderly man a few inches tall, sporting a full beard, and wearing traditional farmer’s clothes. Some believe him to be a shape-shifter and some tales report him to have a single cyclopean eye!

With long shaggy hair and eyes like saucers, long pole-like arms and scarily ugly, the Boggart (or Bogeyman) is a terrifying creature. Boggart is linked with mischief in the home, or more evil and serious wrong-doings such as abducting children!
I Irish Folklore

Despite their good intentions, Banshees don’t look like the friendliest of creatures! They can appear as withered old hags or supernaturally beautiful women, wearing shadowy cloaks. Their hair can be fire red or pale gold that “shimmers like wildfire”. A Banshee’s eyes are always inflamed from weeping.

Japanese Folklore
A house spirit, fond of mischief, loved by all and believed to bring great fortune and riches to those whose houses it haunts. Usually appears in the form of a vague child-like shape, with a blushing red face. Only the house owner, or children are able to see these spirits.

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