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10 Medicinal Plants and their Uses

LAVENDER Lavender’s scent is very good for calming your nerves. Besides its scents, you can use lavender tea that helps you to give you a good sleep at night.


LEMON BALM Your body will not function properly if your mind is disturbed. The taste of the lemon plant is very delicious and you can use it in different dishes like ice cream, teas, and more.  


NEEM Neem seeds are used to extract Neem Oil which has medicinal properties and it becomes the main part of cosmetics and beauty products like soaps, hair oil, and face wash.  


GARLIC As you know that it maintains cholesterol levels in your body in this way it will prevent you from heart disease. Besides reducing your cholesterol level it will also help to maintain your blood pressure.  


MARIGOLD Many people grow Marigold because it has fragrant flowers but you can take advantage to improve the condition of your skin health by the use of these flowers as they contain a lot of antioxidants and healthy compounds.


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7 of the Best Herbs to Grow Indoors

BASIL Put basil in a warm and sunny spot and it will thrive. When you use your basil, pick leaves from the top of the plant. This keeps it growing closer to the base, preventing it from flowering. While delicate white basil flowers might look pretty, they can turn your basil’s stem woody and leave you with less flavorful leaves.  


OREGANO Oregano is another indoor herb that likes the sun. As long as you supply moderate light and water it once the surface of the soil is dry, it will grow well. To use the leaves in your cooking, snip off a section of stem and then strip the leaves from it. Oregano is more potent when it’s dried in a well-ventilated place or in the oven.  


THYME Thyme also prefers full sun but, like oregano, can grow well as long as it receives a few solid hours of light each day. Give it water when the surface of its soil is dry. If you notice your thyme looking wilted, you’re most likely underwatering.  


ROSEMARY If you’re looking for a way to keep your kitchen smelling great, rosemary is one of the best herbs to grow indoors. Give it plenty of sun and it will give your kitchen a fresh, herbal smell. Rosemary is another great garnish. You can add lengths of stem to roasts and soups or you can strip the needle-like leaves from their stems and mince them.  


MINT Whether you want to grow mint, it’s a forgiving plant. In fact, mint is best kept in its own pot or container because it grows so quickly. Most mint varieties like moderate to full sun and moist soil.  


PARSLEY Parsley is packed with vitamin C, iron, fiber, and calcium, making it one of the best herbs to grow indoors when you’re looking for something healthy to add to a meal. Parsley grows best in a deep pot. The more sun you give it, the faster it will grow.  


CHIVES Another sun lover is chives. You can snip off the tops as you need them, mincing them or leaving lengths whole depending on your cooking needs. You can trim the entire plant down to about two inches and it will have no problem regrowing.


Source: Self Up Boston

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