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Spa 101: The Must-Hace to Massages and More

SWEDISH Gentle kneading and circular movement for stressed-out muscles Tip: Best for spa noobs  


THAI Yoga without doing any of the work! They might as well coat you in sugar the way you’re twisted and stretched into a pretzel.  


INDIAN HEAD AND SCALP MASSAGE Alternating slow and vigorous massage movements are applied to the head and are combined with a pressure point massage to the scalp, head, and shoulders to relieve stress.  


HOT STONES (No kidding?!) are placed on the body to loosen tight muscles. Tip: Ditch the macho act. If the stones are too hot, just say so!  


DEEP TISSUE For chronic tightness, muscle strain, or even bad posture! Soreness Level: You might end up rolling in the deep… with pain.  


SOLE REVIVAL (Foot Massage) A relaxing foot massage to relieve tension in the feet and lower legs. These distressing treatments involve a foot ritual, with a soak and scrub, followed by a soothing pressure point massage, using a Vanilla Orange massage cream.  


LOMI LOMI MASSAGE Originating from the Polynesian Islands, this ancient healing technique targets the back of the body, using rhythmic and flowing movements of fingers, palms, forearms, and elbows. This deep-pressure massage results in increase circulation and promotes relaxation.  


AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE Using a blend of pure aromatics oil to relax, rejuvenate or re-energize the body, we gently massage your body from head to toe, to stimulate the lymphatic system while bringing a sense of calm and wellbeing to guilt your mind, body, and soul.  


PREGNANCY MASSAGE Specifically designed the ease the aches, pains, and stresses in pregnant women, this massage creates a soft, warm and comfortable environment for mothers-to-be when they are gently massaged in surroundings of total comfort and luxury.  


WHERE TO FIND US 1. Soulstice Day Spa – Pretoria 2. Life Day Spa – Fourways 3. Soulstice Day Spa – Johannesburg 4. Reinesance Day Spa – Sandton 5. Octavias Day Spa – Rosebank 6. Life Day Spa – Capetown        


Source: Spas of Distinction

Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

Physical Benefits • relaxes the body • calms the nervous system • lowers blood pressure • reduces heart rate • slows respiration • stretches connective tissue • reduces chronic pain • improves blood cell count • relieves tired and aching muscles • improves muscle tone • relieves cramped muscles • speeds recovery from injury • reduces tension headaches • increases tissue metabolism • decreases muscle deterioration • speeds recovery from illness • increases range of emotion • speeds elimination of metabolic waste • increases blood and lymph circulation • speeds elimination of metabolic waste • stimulates the release of endorphins • strengthens the immune system • reduces swelling • improves posture • improves skin tone  


Emotional Benefits • reduces anxiety • enhances self-image • provides a feeling of well-being • nurture and stimulates emotional growth  


Mental Benefits • reduces mental stress • promotes quality of sleep • improves productivity • induces mental relaxation          


Source: Massageaholic

Uncovering Some Fun Facts for Massage

Did you know that there are approximately 5 million touch receptors in our skin? 3,000 in a fingertip.


Did you know that Julius Caesar used massage to help his epilepsy?


Did you know that the present lifestyle of too many Americans guarantees lower back pain?


Did you know that touch and massage stimulate the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers?


Did you know that a 60-minute massage is about the same as 7-8 hours of sleep to your body?


Did you know that healthy touch of any kind can reduce the heart rate and lower blood pressure?


Did you know that massaging and gently pulling on your ears – top, middle, and bottom of outer earlobes once per day improves your immune system?


Did you know that specialized massage improves the flow of lymph through the body, relieving aches, pains, and flu-like symptoms?


Did you know that Bob Hope, who lived to be 100, had a daily massage as part of his health regimen?


Did you know that massage may be the oldest form of medical care? Egyptian tomb paintings show people being massaged.        


Source: AIMIN

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a type of massage therapy that focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles & connective tissue.


Reduces Chronic Pain: It is more effective & affordable for relieving chronic pain than conventional medical remedies.


Improves Blood Pressure: It helps ease stress and tension, which can have a beneficial effect on blood pressure.


Breaks Up Scar Tissue: It can help break up & eventually erase scar tissue in the body.


Rehabilitates Injured Muscles: It gives effective treatment for injured muscles & also helps in reducing pain caused by injuries.  


Some Facts About Massage Therapy in the USA 6.9% of U.S. adults used massage therapy About 2.7 million fewer adults used massage therapy in 2012 than in 2007 0.7% of U.S. children used massage therapy About 194,000 fewer children used massage therapy in 2012 than in 2007        


Source: Kinetic Massage Works

Relaxing Neck Massage

Release Stress and Feel Relaxed Palm over your whole neck area and upper back area. Bringing heat here.


With a bit more pressure, push up and out on your traps.


Start massaging in a circular motion from the base of your skull downward.


Keep massaging over your neck on both sides and make a few repetitions.


Tip your head to one side and then the other, making circles on the open side of your neck.


Palm over your neck and upper back area. Give one tight squeeze before letting off.          


Source: Creating Sunflowers

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