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Features to Consider When buying a Upright Vacuum

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vacuum cleaner infographic

Bag or bagless
Both designs have been proven to clean very well. So, one option is not necessarily superior to the other. However, there are differences such as: Bagless designs offer more convenience by simply detaching the container unit and disposing of dirt and dust without pulling out a separate bag Bagless designs will also save you money on buying bags Bag designs can sometimes keep dust contained better since the bag itself seals the dust away If you’re looking for convenience, a bagless design is probably for you. But if allergies are a concern, check out an option with a bag to prevent dust and allergens from escaping.

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Multisurface Flooring
If you have hard floors or a combination of carpet and hard floors, look for a multifloor or multisurface vacuum that allows you to turn the brushroll on and off. That way you won’t scratch your hard floors.

Amps is a measure of the power coming into the vacuum from your outlet. The maximum number of amps that can be drawn from a home outlet is 12, so in an upright or canister vacuum, look for a motor with a full 12 amps of draw. Wattage is what you get when you multiply amps and the voltage draw. Air watts is probably the best indicator of a vacuum’s power capability because it factors in resistance to suction — if a vacuum shows air watts, anything with more than 200 air watts is a good indication it will have the power you need for typical home cleaning.

HEPA filters remove particles like dust, dander and allergens from the air. These filters are a must-have for anyone who is sensitive to dust or pet hair, or allergic to pollen. Some models feature a filter that needs to be replaced regularly. A good rule of thumb is to replace your filter every six months. However, some models now feature reusable filters that allow you to remove, clean and replace the same filter as necessary — a great money-saving option.

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